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 Is It Time To Shake It Up?

By Joe Stein

For some of our readers, their search has extended beyond weeks and is now into months.  This is very frustrating, of course, especially if you are currently unemployed or in a job that has become unbearable.

If you do find yourself in this situation, perhaps it is time to shake things up a bit and do something a little (or a lot) different.  Albert Einstein was once quoted as saying that “insanity” is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  So, perhaps, it is time for you to evaluate your job search and work on doing something else.    If you are wondering where and how you can start, try asking yourself the following questions.

• What Has Worked So Far? – Even in a lengthy job search, all is not doom and gloom.  There has to be some things that are working well for you.  What you want to do is change what is not successful, not stop what is a benefit for you.  For example, if you have a really well done Resume and it is generating interviews, then it is probably not wise to go back and do a rewrite.  As you review your opportunities, don’t forget to also focus on your strengths.

• What Are You Not Doing? – It is impossible to do everything possible as a job seeker, so what have you just not found the time to start doing.  Perhaps you have been planning on calling some old co-workers or other contacts, but just never found the time.  This may be the time to pick up the phone and find out if they know of any job leads.  This may be a time to reach out to others to find out what has been successful for them in their job reach, in an attempt to generate new ideas.  You can also review the article archive on our website (@ ) for a review of topics we have covered in the past.

• Is There Something Holding You Back? – Is there something that you know you should be doing, but for whatever reason have not?  Is there a reason behind this hesitation?  Now is the time to get over any fear that you may be holding.  For example, maybe you have not applied for a particular job because you are missing one small part of the requirements. At this point, what do you have to lose?  Especially if the job has been posted for a period of time, the company may be ready to compromise a bit on their expectations.  Some Job Seekers dread having to network because it requires reaching out and speaking to people.  If you have been job searching for several months, perhaps now is the time to vacate your comfort zone.

• Why Are You Following Your Current Strategy? – If you are feeling an overall hesitation to change what you are doing…why?  Perhaps it is because your current method has worked for you in the past.  Depending on when that last job search was, those methods may not be the most effective any more.  It may be that you received some advice from a friend or relative.  If this is the case, then ask yourself what made this person an expert regarding your job search.  There is nothing like a job search to bring out all kinds of opinions from everyone.  Sort out what makes sense for you and focus on that advice.

Besides your own analysis, a key to successfully answering these questions is obtaining good feedback.  Be sure to gather the information you have obtained during the job search process from sources such as Recruiters, your networking contacts, and the Hiring Managers.  Reflect back on not only what they have told you, but also on your impression of other non-verbal clues.  Examples of this could be their body language when you said something in particular, or if they have lost interest after meeting with a particular person.  Perhaps this person focused on a specific area during the interview.  This type of feedback is best gathered in the moment, but if you have not done this, there is still value in going back and collecting.

It is easy sometimes to get into the rut of doing the same thing over and over.  Over time that consistency may prove to be beneficial, but usually will just result in a situation where your effort does not result in the desired results.  Ask yourself the tough questions, be self-reflective and you may just find yourself shaking things up a bit and finding the success you deserve.

As always, best of luck in your job search!