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 Why Do a Thank You Note?

By Joe Stein

1. Common Courtesy – With so many qualified candidates for positions, the fact that you have displayed some common courtesy can prove very important.  It may be interpreted as a sign that you work well and appreciate the efforts of others.  Some good character traits to have!

2. It makes Recruiters and Hiring Managers Happy – I have written, in the past, how important it is to bond with the people who are making the decision on your future employment.  If they like to receive a “Thank You Note”, why not give it to them?  On the flip side, the odds are very long that anyone will be upset over receiving one, so there is little downside to doing it.

3. So Easy to Do – The method of delivery can vary, but the effort is generally minimal.  If time allows, a formal card expressing a handwritten thanks will be very well received and take only minutes.  A concession to modern technology is that an e-mail is perfectly acceptable. It arrives immediately and probably takes even less effort than writing out and mailing a card.  Regardless of the method you are using, make sure that any communication contains good grammar and is free of spelling errors. If you are trying to land that new job you desire, are you really that busy that you don’t have a couple of minutes to do this?

4. Shows You Are Interested – This may seem like an odd point to many job seekers.  The thought being that, of course, you are interested you want a new job and this employer has one.  The reality is that, on many occasions, an Interviewer questions the true interest level of the candidate, especially if they perceive this person as having other potential options.  A timely “Thank You Note” services as reinforcement to the person that you are truly interested and should continue to be considered.

5. Others Are Not Doing It – We are constantly stressing, in these pages, about how you can provide yourself an advantage against your competition.  If others are probably not doing something that is of value (such as a “Thank You Note”), you have a perfect opportunity to differentiate your candidacy.   It further serves to document your professional maturity.

6. Provides Another Contact Point – Once you are done with the interview, you are really in a “no man’s land” until you hear back from the prospective employer, or a reasonable enough time has passed for you to follow-up.  The Thank You Note provides you an additional reason to make contact with the Recruiter or Hiring Manager.  You can use this to gently (no hard selling) remind the reader of your qualifications, while also expressing your interest level and excitement over the opportunity.

I have outlined 6 points (although there are many more that could have been listed) that helps to explain why “Thank You Notes” are still very relevant in today’s job search.  Set aside a few minutes, after each phone or in-person interview, to send out a thank you.  Try to do this within the first 24-hours following these conversations.   This may be just the edge you need for landing that job you are seeking.

As always, best of luck in your job search!