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 You’re In Demand!

By Joe Stein

I am a native of Western New York, so I know first-hand how we love to be negative at times. There is probably nothing we enjoy complaining about more than the status of the local economy with distinct emphasis on the job market. Of course, for much of the last few decades there has been good reason to be so down, with layoffs dominating the news headlines.
The situation has really changed over the last few years, with the growth of several new companies and lots of area construction. A job seeker only has to look as far as, where papers with 30-40+ pages of advertisements have become the norm. There are open positions out there, especially within specific industries that have a real labor shortage.
If you are unemployed, you are going to be seeking employment regardless of the economy (it may just be a bit easier with a stronger economy). This is, however, a great time for those who are more “passive” job seekers to see what is out there for them in the current market. If you are in a situation where you are doing “OK” but not completely satisfied with your situation, you may want to see what is out there for you. Similarly, you may actually be happy with your current situation, but now may be the time to check out the market. The idea being that you want to make sure you are maximizing your value. You may even be pleasantly surprised (shocked even) with what you may be worth to another company who is seeking your skills. This is particularly true if you are working in an occupation within industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, skilled trades, human services, or CDL drivers (to name just a few) who are in strong demand.
If you are thinking of passively testing the job market, there are several tips you may want to consider prior to taking your first Recruiter call.
·         Know What It Will Take – If a Recruiter is going to try to “woo” you to their company, they are going to do so fairly early in the process, knowing what it will take to get you to leave. Try to think this out thoroughly and be ready to communicate what you want. Consider having the conversation you will need with your family regarding salary requirements, schedule, etc. so that a Recruiter can tell if they are going to be able to make an offer that is viable.
·         Hold Out for the Right Opportunity – If you are in the situation of passively looking for employment you don’t have to jump at every opportunity.  Remember, in this situation you are in the proverbial drivers’ seat when it comes to negotiations. If the situation does not meet your needs, you can merely wait until the next one and continue to work the current job in which you are satisfied.
·         Update Your Resume – If you do plan on listening if a Recruiter calls you, then you will need a Resume. You want to avoid having to scramble to assemble one on short notice. In order to make sure you present your best effort, work on it now so that it is ready when needed.
If you are wondering how a Recruiter or Hiring Manager will know that you are open to discussing a position, there are a couple things you can do to assist them.
·         Create a Confidential Profile – On the website (visit, you can create a profile that allows Recruiters to connect with you if they are interested. The process takes only minutes for you and then you are done. Just wait for a Recruiter to make contact and you may be surprised by just how quickly they do.
·         Network – Either via social media or good old fashioned word-of-mouth, you can let people know that for the right opportunity you will listen to a prospective employer. Attend your professional association, reach out to a few of your social media connections, or just pick up the phone. Doing any of these does not have to take much of your time and can pay real dividends. You will be surprised at how fast word travels amongst Recruiters that there is fresh talent out there.
Times have changed in 2015 for many employees in a wide variety of industries. They have, over the last few years, suddenly found themselves in high demand due to their skills and experiences. If you find yourself in that lucky spot, it may be a good time to test your value in the open market. Who knows, you may just be surprised by how valuable you are!
As always, best of luck in your job search!