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 Finding the Time to Conduct a Job Search

By Joe Stein

One of the most precious commodities a person has available to use is time. We need it for everything we do, but there never seems to be enough of it. When you couple this with the desire that most people have to procrastinate, you have a tough combination for a person trying to do a job search.
 A job search, of course, takes time and will consume as much of it as you will allow. If you are unemployed, then it should be your primary focus of every day. Your priority is getting back to work. If you are currently employed however, how do you find the time needed?
If you are currently employed and thinking of starting a job search, or struggling to find the time to generate some momentum in your current one, below are some suggestions for you to consider.
·         Make Sure You Are Committed – It is much easier to find the time if it is something you are fully invested in doing. If you have reached the point where you really feel you need to switch jobs, then it will be much easier to find the time. If not, procrastination will creep in and derail your search. Try to commit to yourself that you will spend a certain number of hours each week to your search.
·         Stick To a Routine – Many of us are creatures of habit. We like to do the same things in a certain routine and that is how we can get stuff done. If you take that same approach with your job search, you may find that not only do you actually perform the tasks, but you are actually more productive in doing them. Try establishing a particular night of the week to search for jobs or to make networking calls/e-mails. If you schedule your search in this way, you will find yourself less likely to be stressed out about finding the time needed.
·         Know What You Want – If you are specific about what position you want next, you will be able to customize your search and spend less time chasing positions that are not a fit. Determine what type of work, the responsibility level, compensation, etc. that it will take to have you make a change. By having all of this worked out ahead of time, you will not only make your search more efficient, but should improve your negotiating stance if you get that far.
·         Utilize Your Resources – There is strength in numbers, so utilize your network such as colleagues, friends, and family to assist you with job leads and company information. You will most likely find that people are glad to help and will prove to be a time saver. Provide your network with the parameters of your requirements to move positions, so they only contact you with positions that you would legitimately consider seeking.
·         Leverage Technology – The days of walking up and down the streets applying for jobs is fading away. Utilize an employment website such as to quickly review job openings (or just pick up a FREE paper on your way out of the grocery store). With, you can also sign up for an e-mail summary of new positions and even post your Resume. If you are currently employed and concerned about keeping your search confidential, you can set up a profile on that will inform employers that you are open to discussing opportunities.
·         Eliminate Time Wasters – Now, I know that we all need some downtime; we can’t be busy all of the time. I bet, however, that if you take a look at your week, you will find some time that you can use towards a job search. Now remember - with today’s technology, you don’t need to find more than 2-3 hours a week. Eliminating a TV show for a month or two is probably all that would be needed to conduct a search.
Now is a great time to start your job search. Each week, contains 36+ pages of ads, and all economic indicators for WNY seem to be in your favor. The key for you is finding the time to do your search with all that you have going on. Running a passive type of job search does not, however, have to consume you. If you have the right mindset and stick to your time commitment, you should find your search successful.
As always, best of luck in your job search