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 Worried About Being Fired? Get Started On Your Job Search

By Joe Stein

For those currently employed, what has to be one of the worst fears is the concern over the possibility of being fired. We all know that our time with an employer can end up at any moment, but for some, the stress is very real because of specific warning signs. 
There are a variety of situations that could cause you to be concerned about your job security.  It could be that your role is being reduced, you are being “uninvited” to meetings, or your supervisor seems to be avoiding you (or, on the opposite side, criticizing everything you do). If you find yourself employed but in this spot, then there are several things you can do to get yourself started for your job search. 
The major key is to not wait until you get fired to start the search.  You do not want to have the mindset that if you are fired, it will be time to recharge your batteries and take some time off. It is much easier to find employment when you are currently working.
As mentioned earlier, very rarely does anyone get fired without having distinct warning signs about a potential termination. When you start seeing these items, get to work on the seven job search items noted below.
·         Prepare Yourself Mentally – Unfortunately, in these situations, it rarely works out in favor for the employee. Once things move in the direction towards termination, the relationship is generally damaged permanently. Even if there is a repair in the situation, it typically will be temporary. It is important to prepare yourself to leave. This is especially crucial if you have, been with your current employer for a number of years. This allows you to burn off any emotion you may have and focus on your job search.
·         Write Your Resume – You want to have a Resume written and ready to go at the first sign of trouble with your current position. In a perfect scenario, you would always have an up-to-date Resume ready to present regardless of the security of your current position. This is because you never know when a better job will be presented by someone.
·         Create Your Cover Letter Template – Coupled with your Resume should be a Cover Letter template ready to be customized for each opening you decide to apply for. When you come across an open position that you are interested in, or become aware of a “hot lead”, you do not want to take precious time to create your documents.
·         Start To Network – In today’s work environment people should be networking at all times in order to build your base of contacts. At the beginning warning signs, reach out to your friends and colleagues to let them know that you would be interested in other job opportunities. Keep in mind that it may take several months to find a new job and networking does not always pay off instantaneously, but rather may surface a lead much later. All the more reason to get started networking as soon as possible.
·         Create Your Profile – If you are concerned that your current employer may find out you are searching and therefore move towards terminating you, then you can create a private profile on www.wnyjobs.com. This allows Recruiters to view your confidential profile and contact you regarding opportunities without your candidacy being widely public.
·         Do the Best Job Possible – It is easy to become de-motivated by a situation where your employment is in question. This often leads a person to not do their best work, which either cements the decision to release you or moves the timetable forward. You want to give yourself as much time as possible to find a new position, and your strong performance will help to provide you with that. It may even cause your current employer to change their mind, although (as noted earlier) that probably should not impact your decision to want to depart.
·         Take The High Road – In this type of scenario, becoming bitter towards your current employer is common. While you may have every reason to privately feel that way, you do not want that sentiment to become public. You want to refrain from criticizing your current employer and, instead, channel your energy towards leaving. Show restraint, even with co-workers, as you never know what will be shared with management regarding your feelings. This will again help you extend the time period you have to search while perhaps also allowing you to receive a positive recommendation or reference.
If you have the sinking feeling that you may be fired soon, then it is time to get to work on your job search. Do not wait until your employer tells you that your services are no longer needed.   In a best case scenario, you will find a new position prior to them moving forward with releasing you. This allows you the satisfaction of leaving on your own terms and avoids having to search while unemployed. You may even find yourself at the end of your search with a better job than what you currently possess.
As always, best of luck in your job search.