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 Avoid the Pitfalls of Modern Job Posting Methods

By Joe Stein

It has never been easier (noticed I did not write it is “easy”) for a Job Seeker to conduct a job search. Unfortunately, the ease that comes with online job postings and electronically applying for positions has created some poor habits and misconceptions regarding what is needed to run an effective job search. Job Seekers are very busy, but spending the time to run a comprehensive search will pay off in the end.
Perhaps one of the largest errors in judgment is the belief that the large national job boards have all the available job postings. Despite their best marketing efforts, this is hardly the case. In some markets like Western New York (that tend to be more localized in nature), many of the open positions are not on these national websites. It is important to note that if an employer does not pay to have the job posted the opening will not be visible on the board.
A key to running a good job search is similar to investing (if you are fortunate enough to have the funds to invest) in that a good strategy is to be diversified. This means that you should use a variety of different methods and sources in order to minimize risk and increase your opportunity for success. This may take more work (as some sources require some active effort) but in the long run, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you have uncovered as many open positions as possible.
This focus on diversification should include more than just online postings, which is the primary focus of this column. For example, I have written (many times) before about how job seekers should still be diligent regarding networking in order to surface job opportunities that have yet to be posted (or may never be). You should also try to attend Job Fairs and other events of this nature in order to further your exposure.
An underrated benefit of using a local website for postings is that you tend to have a better opportunity of being noticed. Locally based job postings are designed to attract talent specific to the area, so they tend to generate fewer but more qualified candidates than the giant net thrown by the national sites. Furthermore, a local site like WNYJOBS.com tends to have their postings made by local Recruiters rather than having to deal with a person located anywhere else in the country but this area.
The national websites also only offer one method of providing their postings, which is solely online. For many people, an online-only methodology works just fine when it comes to finding open positions. It is beneficial for many, however, to have choices and to pick up a copy of WNYJOBS at your local store for FREE and physically seeing all the open positions in your desired category can be very efficient and appealing. Also, having a printed copy can be very useful when you are called by a prospective employer and you need to quickly familiarize yourself with the opening.
It is also recommended that you are wary of the open positions that are recommended to you by the national websites in their daily or weekly e-mail alert to you. It is my experience that the vast majority of these recommended positions are poor fits for the job skills and requirements of the job seeker. It is not in your best interest to auto apply for positions that you ultimately will not be interested in. This can waste the time of both yourself and the company calling you, along with giving you a bad reputation in the job marketplace.
In most situations, having options is a good thing and sourcing job leads is no different in that regard. Use a variety of sources and do not over rely on just one, especially when it comes to the national websites. In WNY, this means using WNYJOBS.com in your job search in a multi-faceted approach to surfacing job openings. By doing this, you will be giving yourself a competitive advantage versus those job seekers who just rely on one or two sources.
As always, best of luck in your job search!