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 Job Opportunities in the Hotel Industry

By Joe Stein

It doesn’t take driving around Western New York to notice the amount of new hotel construction activity that is underway in the area. As you can tell from the website and pages of, all of this activity has resulted in a sizable number of open positions for these employers, many of them have been quite difficult to fill with quality candidates.
So, if you have an interest in this industry, now is the time to start seriously thinking about a job that is right for you in it. There are so many different roles that go into a Hotel, that there are plenty of positions to choose from depending on your skill set.
A hotel will have a management staff, usually a main manager along with a couple of assistants that will provide support (often on “off” shifts). More upscale hotels that cater more to business travelers will have a Concierge staff to provide support to patrons in terms of recommendations, arrangements, etc. If there is an in-house restaurant, then a full range of positions related to this industry will be available. Of course, the most known are the customer service front desk employees that greet you when you arrive and check you in/out as needed. There is also an entire group of non-customer facing employees that housekeep rooms or provide building maintenance or repair. Finally, depending on the focus and size of the hotel facility, there may be roles in Sales, Event Planning, Human Resources, or other administrative/support type of positions. So, as you can see, quite a lot goes into making a hotel properly function.
If you are wondering about the potential selling points of working in a hotel, there are several key ones. Among these positive aspects to consider:
1. Growing in WNY - There are a number of growing industries in WNY, but hotel construction is right at the top. Hotels are struggling to add reliable staff, so if you impress, your job should feel secure to you. The area used to be known for being underdeveloped in terms of hotel space, but that is rapidly becoming ancient history. 2. Growth Opportunities - Hotels will very often promote from within to fill positions. Joining a hotel (in particular, one that has multiple locations under the same franchisor) can provide quick and meaningful opportunities. If you join a large chain, you can even transfer to other parts of the country (but why would anyone leave WNY?). Overall, it can be a great place to get your foot in the door in an entry level position. 3. Customer Interaction - What may be a negative for some, will be a huge positive for others. There are several positions that require customer interaction. Engaging travelers and helping them can be very rewarding. You also may get to interact and learn from people from different areas of the country (or even different countries!). 4. Discounted Travel - If you like to travel on your vacations, you may be eligible for generous perk discounts on rooms at sister locations. 5. Compensation - While base pay tends not to be overly high, you may have an opportunity to supplement this number with tips or bonuses due to hitting sales goals.
Like with anything, there are potential (depending on your point of view) downsides to working for a Hotel. Let’s examine a few of these items to consider. 1. Customer Facing: For some, this will be the #1 positive unless you are someone who can’t bear to face grouchy and tired travelers, then most hotel positions are not right for you. 2. The Hours: There are very few positions with traditional work hours in a hotel. Day shift usually starts very early and a night staff is needed. Depending on the hotel policy regarding scheduling, you may be required to rotate schedules on a regular basis. 3. May Work Alone: You will have to be OK, at times, working by yourself. This is especially true if you work the overnight shift. The good news is that minimal activity usually occurs at that time of night. A related downside is that with minimal staffing, if someone calls off, you may be expected to cover his or her shift, or stay until help arrives.
The hotel industry offers a wealth of different roles in a stable and currently growing environment. The pages of are loaded with opportunities in WNY’ers various hotels. If you have not thought of a career in the hotel industry, now is a great time to explore whether it would be right for you.