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Wayne County Nursing Home & Rehab Center
Lyons, NY

Posted Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Job Description:

Benefits: 13 Sick Days, 12 Holidays, 14 Vacations Days, Health & Dental Insurance, and NYS Retirement

Responsible for observing symptoms and carrying out diagnostic procedures ordered by the physician.
-Prepares and applies dressings, gives medication and nursing and therapeutic treatment as prescribed by physicians

-Instructs patient or members of patients family in regard to patient’s diet, health habits, the carrying out of treatments at home and rehabilitative measures as authorized by the physician.

-Performs related services for patients in the prevention of illness and the attainment of maximum health

-Makes contact with appropriate social services or health agencies as necessary to assure patient needed services or follow-up care

-Maintains a variety of records and prepares reports
Equal Opportunity Employer

Apply at: Wayne County Nursing Home,
1529 Nye Road, Lyons, NY 14489


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