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Samples of professional profiles that employers will be able to search through:


Career Goal: A full-time RN position within a physician's office setting.

Experience/Skills: Graduate of University of Rochester, with 2 years of experience in a hospital setting.

Make Me Move: A M-F weekday schedule. Making $20/hr. Batavia area.


Career Goal: Experienced Machinist looking to move from 2nd shift to 1st shift opportunity with potential for advancement.

Experience/Skills: Graduate of ECC Metalworkign program, with 3 years of experience operating a variety of CNC machines including Swiss Style. Ability to read and work from blueprints.

Make Me Move: I'm looking for 1st shift, at least $16/hr, preferably in Southtowns.


Career Goal: To transition from a manufacturing technician to a test technician.

Experience/Skills: Graduate of MCC Optical Systems Technology program, with 8 years of precision optical manufacturing experience.

Make Me Move: An opportunity to work as a test technician. Making $40K per year. Rochester area.


Career Goal: To take my food service experience and use it towards a full time supervisor or management position.

Experience/Skills: 8 years of food service experience, with the last 4 as a line cook / trainer for a national restaurant chain.

Make Me Move: Full time position with benefits available. Pay of $14/hr. Advancement opportunities. Amherst area.

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